• Episode 7: Listbuilding 101

    The Preferred Enemies crew spends this episode talking about the basics of list building - general strategy, preferred point levels, MSU v. deathstars, and comp scores. Also, Jon eats a hat.

  • Episode 6: Know Your Slots – HQs

    Dennis returns and joins Rob, Jon, and Richard in a discussion all about the HQ slot - what we expect out of the HQ slot, how our codexes measure up with their HQs, our favorite HQs, and more.

  • Episode 5: Finding Your Inner Van Gogh

    Rob, Jon, and Richard talk painting miniatures - should you paint, why we paint, how we paint, and how we avoid painting burnout.

  • Bonus Episode 2 – Diecon 11, Day 2

    Rob finishes up his recap of DieCon 11's Grand Tournament. Does he manage to redeem himself after a day of losses? And how many power armor lists are there in the field? Listen to find out!

  • Bonus Episode 1 – Diecon 11, Day 1

    Rob reports from the GT at DieCon 11 and talks about the tournament so far. Tables, opponents, where things went right, and where things went wrong.

  • Episode 4: Taking Your Show on the Road

    Hop on board the party van as we discuss taking your game from your home to an event at a store or convention. Necessary gear, proper army transport, and the […]

  • Episode 3: The Good, the Bad, and the Weird

    Jon, Dennis, Richard, and Rob discuss their picks for the best and worst units in their codexes, as well as those units that almost make the cut. Swiss Army knives, […]

  • Episode 2: The Poster Boys of 40K

    For our second episode, we’re joined by our friend Dan for a discussion about Space Marines of all flavors – vanilla, psychic, furry, red, and spiky. We get into their […]

  • Episode 1: Let’s Get Started!

    The premiere episode of Preferred Enemies hits the intarwebs!! The Preferred Enemies crew – Rob, Dennis, Richard, and Jon – get their podcast started by tackling the subject of how […]

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