Episode 34: The Times, They Are a-Changin’

6th Edition is bringing a lot of changes to the game, and with it our armies are changing up. How is the new edition changing how the Preferred Enemies crew builds their armies and plays the game? From Black Templars to Tyranids, and a fair amount of armies in-between, we discuss what we’re changing, adding, and removing in our lists. Also, we discuss the new White Dwarf and the new/revised Daemon releases, with a focus on the new Slaanesh chariots and whether or not they’re an upgrade to the army, and talk about two tournaments coming soon to the area – our first tournament, and the Midwest Massacre GT.

Mentioned Site: Midwest Massacre GT

Music: “Frets of Fury“, remixed by vertexguy. Music courtesy of Overclocked Remix

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