Episode 32: Hello, Sixth Edition!

To celebrate the release of 6th Edition, we got together with the cast of Underdiscussion and our friend Tim to discuss the new rules set. 8 wargaming geeks, 4 copies of the rulebook, 2 podcasts, 1 new edition – it all adds up to a lot of discussion and opinions. Do we like the new rules and the changes they’re bringing to the game? Listen and find out!

Music: “Frets of Fury“, remixed by vertexguy. Music courtesy of Overclocked Remix

6 Replies to “Episode 32: Hello, Sixth Edition!”

  1. Teamadventure5000

    I havent played or collected 40k since the edition in which weapons of all kinds usually had an armour save modifier for each hit ( eg, heavy bolter str 5 -2 armour save…) remember?
       i think it was 2nd edition. the last edition before dark eldar came about officially. back when a lascannon did D6 wounds i think. reaper auto cannons rolled 2 sustained fire dice and rerolled “jams”
       anyway, needless to say, its been years. i wanna start playing again, and have committed quite a lot of time learning new rules online including primarily 5th edition, but now beginning to familiarize myself with the new 6th edition. 
       My question is this. Do you think the changes in 40k have been so extreme that its necessary for me to “start from scratch”? i.e, should i begin very small and basic? like beginning with “battle forces” and things like that? Or will i be ok just diving in?
       I know this seems like a kinda silly question, but im not exactly what you’d call a ‘noob’. but definitely not current, either, though.

    • NockerGeek

      Since you haven’t played or collected since 2nd Edition… you might need to start over. It really depends on what army you’re playing, though. One thing you’ll definitely need to do is increase your model count – 1500 points of 2nd Edition is not the same as 1500 points of 6th Edition. You’ll want more vehicles (but maybe not as many as the mech’d up armies of 5th Edition), and you’ll need more troops. You might need to rebase some minis, too (Terminators are on 40mm bases now, instead of the old 25mm bases).

      2nd and 6th are completely different games, but you should be able to use your 2nd Edition army as a backbone and adjust accordingly, instead of starting completely from scratch.

  2. Teamadventure5000

    BTW, I really really enjoy listening to your podcasts. it makes me remember how fun it was to talk with my group of 40k buddies about 40k!

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