Episode 41 Extras – Necron Lists

Here are both of the lists we created for episode 41, available in PDF format.

Let’s Build a List – Episode 41 – Necrons (Zhandrekh/Obyron)

Let’s Build a List – Episode 41 – Necrons 2 (Overlord/Destroyer Lord)

2 Replies to “Episode 41 Extras – Necron Lists”

  1. notsoevil

    Priced out your Zhandrekh/Obyron list and it’s running $360ish from my fave retailer. I’m new to 40k and while I build a Nurgle CSM army for myself (I’m more of a converter/painter of 40k than player), I plan on buying and building this Necron list for my little brother.

    Recently started listening to you guys and I usually am not a huge podcast fan, but keep it up! 🙂

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