Episode 5: Finding Your Inner Van Gogh

Rob, Jon, and Richard talk painting miniatures – should you paint, why we paint, how we paint, and how we avoid painting burnout. Also, Jon and Richard recount their recent Grey Knights v. Space Wolves game, Rob does a quick recap of his past two weeks, including the most unlikely streak of luck ever in a recent Chaos Daemons v. Tau game, and we give our initial impressions of the new Finecast line.

Links: Richard’s Warhammer Flickr Gallery

Music: “Frets of Fury“, remixed by vertexguy. Music courtesy of Overclocked Remix

Also, if you’re interested in supporting the effort to get Australian prices made more reasonable (as we discussed in our last episode), check out the Facebook GW Australian & New Zealand Prices Petition.

One Reply to “Episode 5: Finding Your Inner Van Gogh”

  1. Chickflick

    I finally had the chance to listen to this while I did my evening’s worth of hobby work. It was a really pleasant show, kinda like sitting at my FLGS and having a chat with other gamers while doing the tedious stuff. No product placement, no GW policy discussion, no over the top content, just an exchange of gamer’s/hobbyist’s tales and opinions about certain topics. I also found your insights and personal takes in terms of painting motivation very interesting.
    Also, I found all the three of you pleasant to listen to (voice-vise), which is an important factor in enjoying a podcast for me.

    Good stuff, will definitly download the other episodes and slowly consume them whenever it’s hobby time back home for me. Thank you for the entertainment!

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