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  • Episode 12: Know Your Slots – Fast Attack

    It's part four of our Know Your Slots series, where we tackle the Fast Attack slot. Also, Richard, Jon, and Rob review Space Marine, and we announce the winner of our contest!

  • Episode 11: In Your Face!

    This week, we're talking about assault - our favorite units, our favorite weapons, and which stat we think is the most important in assault. Also, we talk about part 2 of the new Sisters codex and our recent gaming night.

  • Episode 10: Know Your Slots – Elites

    Kevin (Hooligan from UnderDiscussion) joins the Preferred Enemies crew for part three of our Know Your Slots series. Also, 'Ard Boyz coverage, and our first listener contest is announced!

  • Episode 9: Open Mic Night at the Terrain Shop

    This episode, Rob, Dennis, and Richard are up to their elbows in building terrain, so it's open discussion time as we prepare for our local store's first 40k event.

  • Episode 8: Know Your Slots – Troops

    Continuing our "Know Your Slots" series, we turn our attention to the Troops slot; we discuss our favorite troops (especially the ones that aren't troops) and how we use them.

  • Episode 7: Listbuilding 101

    The Preferred Enemies crew spends this episode talking about the basics of list building - general strategy, preferred point levels, MSU v. deathstars, and comp scores. Also, Jon eats a hat.

  • Episode 6: Know Your Slots – HQs

    Dennis returns and joins Rob, Jon, and Richard in a discussion all about the HQ slot - what we expect out of the HQ slot, how our codexes measure up with their HQs, our favorite HQs, and more.

  • Episode 5: Finding Your Inner Van Gogh

    Rob, Jon, and Richard talk painting miniatures - should you paint, why we paint, how we paint, and how we avoid painting burnout.

  • Bonus Episode 2 – Diecon 11, Day 2

    Rob finishes up his recap of DieCon 11's Grand Tournament. Does he manage to redeem himself after a day of losses? And how many power armor lists are there in the field? Listen to find out!

  • Bonus Episode 1 – Diecon 11, Day 1

    Rob reports from the GT at DieCon 11 and talks about the tournament so far. Tables, opponents, where things went right, and where things went wrong.