Episode 1: Let’s Get Started!

The premiere episode of Preferred Enemies hits the intarwebs!! The Preferred Enemies crew – Rob, Dennis, Richard, and Jon – get their podcast started by tackling the subject of how to get started in Warhammer 40K. We discuss how we got started in the game, and move on to various aspects of getting into the game for the first time – picking an army, getting the minis, and learning to play. Things are vaguely complicated by recording during a thunderstorm – Jon’s Space Wolves are to blame – but we manage to hit all the bases without getting electrocuted. We finish off with a round-up of what everyone is working on hobby-wise. Thanks to our parent podcast, UnderDiscussion, for getting us started!

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Music: No More Mr. Nice Guy, Live at Montreaux by Alice Cooper – courtesy of Mevio

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  1. Dan Chambers

    Turned out quite good! I look forward to showing up at some point! Though your anecdote about the rotation game wasn’t on Tim’s birthday, we did that as part of my bachelor party. 😀

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