Episode 166: Blood, Trickery, Decay, and Desire

It’s a new year, and it’s already started with a new set of codex releases! This time, we’re taking a look at the new Chaos Daemons codex. As GW takes the denizens of the warp from Index to Codex, what’s changed? Who are all these new Herald variants? How do the new Nurgle units fit in? And where did all the Slaanesh stuff go? Also, we give our first impressions of the new Adeptus Custodes codex – how do we think this most elite of the elite armies will stand up? As always, we’ve got your listener mail, as well as a couple of Midwest Conquest updates!

Link: Midwest Conquest 2018
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2 Replies to “Episode 166: Blood, Trickery, Decay, and Desire”

  1. Deathwatchdude

    A suggestion for future Codex reviews, wait until the FAQ comes out and then do the review, just in case there are changes and clarifications to avoid any errors or discussed plans that get nerfed.

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