Episode 161: The State of Craftworld Affairs

The avalanche of codex releases continues, but this time we’re sticking with one – because this is a big one with a lot of updates! Also, it’s Dennis’s favorite codex, and so it gets some extra love. In episode 161, we’re digging into the new Codex: Craftworlds. We’ve seen the Eldar rise and fall, not just in the story, but in the game as well. The 8th Edition indexes weren’t terribly kind to the space elves, but how does the Codex change that? Who are the winners and losers? Which Craftworld (or Craftworlds) reign supreme? Did Shining Spears actually get good for once? We take a look at these and other issues as we delve into this book. Also, news and new releases, and your listener mail (with two list reviews)!

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:58 – Intro
00:01:36 – News and Releases
00:35:31 – Listener Mail
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01:42:31 – Main Topic: Codex Review – Craftworlds
03:59:14 – Hobby Progress
04:07:44 – Outro

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3 Replies to “Episode 161: The State of Craftworld Affairs”

  1. William Schuy

    I just wanted to point out something about the Commissar *note: Typing this at the 8 minute mark, will post again if corrected*

    Commissars DO grant their leadership to the units in their range (Aura of Discipline). So a Lord Commissar boosts a Conscript Blob up from LD4 to LD9, so overall they do give a significant bonus to morale for blobs, and I mathed it out: with 6 losses in a veteran squad (just enough to only have the leader and special weapons left), you lose on average 1 extra dude to morale (with 8.33% chance to lose everyone). Compared to without a commissar where you lose 2.33 dudes on average, with a 33% chance to lose everyone.

    Additionally, since you’d have to roll a higher number before more losses happen you can use the “roll 1d3 for morale tests” strategem to auto-pass up to a certain body count (5 losses with Regular Commissar, 6 losses with LC)

  2. Zingbaby

    Great episode…

    Just a reminder the Brigade detachment isn’t just requiring 6 troops minimum, it also requires 3 of everything else (minimum).

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