Episode 153: 8th Edition – The Missions

We continue our look into the new workings of 8th Edition with a dive into the Eternal War missions – the 6 missions that have carried over from 6th and 7th edition and that form the basic core of most 40K mission work. How has deployment changed, who goes first, who scores what and how, who figures out when the game ends – there’s more changes than you might realize! Also, we’re joined by Duncan Ensminger of the Flying Monkey GT, as we talk about the second year for that event and what we can expect over Labor Day weekend in Wichita. Finally, all the regular segments are back – News and Releases, Hobby Progress, and the return of Listener Mail!

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:54 – Intro
00:03:04 – News and Releases
00:34:11 – Listener Mail
01:31:56 – Interview: Duncan Ensminger, Flying Monkey GT
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01:45:47 – Sponsor: GameMat.eu
01:46:51 – Main Topic: 8th Edition – The Missions
02:46:49 – Hobby Progress
02:52:34 – Outro

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