Episode 146: Rise of the Primarch

The tale of the Gathering Storm reaches its crescendo with its third and final volume, Rise of the Primarch, and in this episode we cover it Preferred Enemies-style! Obviously, this one is packed with spoilers, but there’s one that’s not a spoiler any more – the primarch of the Ultramarines has returned to the 41st Millenium! How does he return? What role do the Ynnari play? What the heck has Belisarius Cawl been carrying around in that auto-reliquary? Do they make it back to Terra? And what the heck is Cypher doing there anyway? All that and more in our coverage of Gathering Storm 3. Also, new releases, Midwest Conquest updates, hobby progress, and your listener mail!

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:52 – Intro
00:01:52 – News and Releases
00:16:13 – Listener Questions
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01:17:09 – Main Topic: Gathering Storm III: Rise of the Primarch
01:17:23 – SPOILER WARNING – Story Discussion
02:35:36 – Rules Discussion
03:19:02 – Hobby Progress
03:21:39 – Outro

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7 Replies to “Episode 146: Rise of the Primarch”

  1. Chris

    Generally I dig you guys, but the way you tell the story here making everyone sound like douchbags, being far too jokey about it made me stop listening to the episode. I’m not trying to be harsh but I was looking forward to hearing the storyline of this book and this really bummed me out…

    • NockerGeek

      I’m sorry that you didn’t care for the episode. I don’t feel it was any different from our coverage of the first two books of the series – we’re not trying to make it a comedy version or anything. This just happens to be how we often do commentary as a group, on-air or off.

      Also, I can guarantee that we don’t retell the story nearly as well as the original authors. If you’re interested in their take, definitely look at picking up the book if you haven’t already! It’s important to the continuing 40k storyline.

      • Chris

        no doubt its cool guys. You’re commentary on these books (or any you’ve done in the past) I usually get in to and enjoy quite a bit. This one I just got the vibe like you were someone who doesn’t like/know 40k and were making fun of the story, which is what was shocking to me and turned me off. I’ll give it another shot. Thanks for the reply though and thanks for your podcast! I do actually like you guys and your show.

    • Zingbaby

      You must be an Ultramarines player? …all business, no humor. 🙂

      I’ve been finding the more tournament-y perspective these guys have recently adopted – much less appealing, but I don’t think anyone tells the stories better. I bought the eBook for all 3 books in this campaign after listening to the PE coverage.

      I love the way they cover fluff, and their style or method is pretty consistent. The Independent Characters, who are awesome btw, did a much more serious coverage of book 1 that you might enjoy more, but I’ll say it was also more of a “bummer” as they seemed generally disappointed in the narrative.

      • Chris

        haha! nah I don’t play ultramarines. (guard player). Thanks for the tip too, I do follow the ICs as well and do enjoy their coverage of books a lot. Like I said to nockergeek, I just got a different vibe from em on this episode. Who knows maybee I’m nuts or extra sensitive today lol.

  2. Orodruin

    Loved the episode. For whatever reason some of the other major podcasts have this “no spoiler” thing going on, and it makes their shows far less interesting. Seriously, listening to you guys give a synopsis colored with your humorous banter was great. At this point I listen to the other podcasts out of habit, but always look forward to yours. Please keep it up! As a CSM/KDK player I have no interest in buying any of the GS books, but I’m happy Guilliman is taking the reins of the Imperium. The “just too badass to get a single scratch in combat” theme for the heroes in these books is a little much for me, but I’m super surprised that Guilliman is legitimately vulnerable to the whispers of chaos.

  3. Chris

    Great podcast, but I have a question, it seems that I cannot take primarch as HQ choice or lord of war for my Dark Angels, I need to build separate cad for him, am I right?

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