Episode 143: The Fall of Cadia

The 40K narrative kicks off in 2017 with a bang! With the release of Gathering Storm I: Fall of Cadia, GW moves the story forward with the tale of Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade. It’s a showdown 10,000 years in the making – how does everything go down? Can the Imperium’s forces resist the combined might of the Traitor Legions? Will the mystery of the Cadian pylons be discovered? Are Abaddon’s failures really failures? And what the heck is Trazyn the Infinite doing on Cadia? Who lives? Who dies? Whose cuisine reigns supreme? All that, the latest news (including a first look at the faction FAQs), and your listener questions, too! Warning – there are lots of spoilers in this one, so if you just want to hear the rules discussion, we’ve got that timestamped below.

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:48 – Intro
00:02:18 – News and Releases
00:30:52 – Listener Questions
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02:10:25 – Main Topic: Gathering Storm I: Fall of Cadia
02:11:16 – SPOILER WARNING – Story Discussion
02:49:31 – Rules Discussion
03:19:07 – Hobby Progress
03:27:15 – Outro

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6 Replies to “Episode 143: The Fall of Cadia”

  1. William Schuy

    I just started listening but wanted to point something out regarding multiple datasheets for the same Unit: Commissars have been doing this since the Militarum Tempestus codex. A Guardsmen Commissar is a 25 point upgrade for a squad that is capped at one Commissar per Platoon and/or Company Command squad in the list who cannot leave his assigned squad. These commissars do not count as a mandatory HQ. A Lord Commissar is then an HQ option that is otherwise exactly like any other HQ option. Now if you look at the Tempestus variant, a basic commissar has different rules and is an independant character free to come and go as he pleases. Basic and Lord Commissars both occupy the HQ slot.

    So while frustrating, this has happened before and for some time now :/

  2. Munn

    NONONONONONONONONONO. The things people can do with unlimited detachments make most of the decurions look pathetic.

  3. Zingbaby

    I agree with you guys on the IA book, and especially the mudd-ing of the waters with ruling the old books legal, and the lack of unified faction – however I found it odd you called out the narrative players who might enjoy something like this as a “thin line” and “very limited band”. I have to think the “thin line” is the tournament scene… I know you guys run tournaments but still, you get what, 100? 200 people? …all of the rest of us are playing games in our basements. 🙂 All over pinterest and facebook the ‘narrative’ scene is flourishing.

    I also agree that the detachment/formation limit is totally ridiculous at this point, and it’s certainly not fair to judge GW based on what some tournament TO’s choose to do. Looking at the LVO lists and gross monstrosity that “competitive” 40k has become I can’t imagine multiple detachments would make it worse anyway.

    Regarding the Orbital Intervention Force and pods things… the rulebook never prevented 1st turn assaults, however it’s clear that GW has always made rules in a such a way to avoid this happening post 3rd edition. If you’re going strick RAW does this actually work anyway? Simply because it says, “On a successful Reserve Roll, all of the units in this Formation arrive from DS reserve.” The condition being “On a successful Reserve Roll” – which doesn’t happen with pods, there is no Reserve Roll. It also gets a little hokey with them assaulting since they’re now disembarking, which I realize is an open-topped vehicle, but the formation doesn’t say they can assault after disembark. I could see it being argued both ways, but it feels sort of like cheating to me.

    Finally great coverage the Fall of Cadia I was going to wait until I read it but I’m glad I heard you guys take it on.

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