Episode 143: The Fall of Cadia

The 40K narrative kicks off in 2017 with a bang! With the release of Gathering Storm I: Fall of Cadia, GW moves the story forward with the tale of Abaddon’s 13th Black Crusade. It’s a showdown 10,000 years in the making – how does everything go down? Can the Imperium’s forces resist the combined might of the Traitor Legions? Will the mystery of the Cadian pylons be discovered? Are Abaddon’s failures really failures? And what the heck is Trazyn the Infinite doing on Cadia? Who lives? Who dies? Whose cuisine reigns supreme? All that, the latest news (including a first look at the faction FAQs), and your listener questions, too! Warning – there are lots of spoilers in this one, so if you just want to hear the rules discussion, we’ve got that timestamped below.

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:48 – Intro
00:02:18 – News and Releases
00:30:52 – Listener Questions
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02:10:25 – Main Topic: Gathering Storm I: Fall of Cadia
02:11:16 – SPOILER WARNING – Story Discussion
02:49:31 – Rules Discussion
03:19:07 – Hobby Progress
03:27:15 – Outro

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