Episode 142: Agents of the Imperium

Traitor Legions wasn’t the only book we got in December – Games Workshop also dropped the Imperial Agents codex on us! Bringing the Inquisition and Sisters back into a print book, along with Assassins, Legion of the Damned, and 5 other factions, there’s finally a hardcopy codex to flip through and review. But… does it measure up? How does this book do at updating those digital codexes – or does it even update them? Does this book succeed at putting the various non-Guard, non-Marine factions in the hands of players? Listen to find out! Also, we talk about the new releases (like the return of Celestine), discuss our New Year’s Day army swap games, and answer your listener questions!

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:58 – Intro
00:01:55 – News and Releases
00:23:48 – New Year’s Army Swap Games
00:45:40 – Listener Questions
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01:53:09 – Sponsor: GameMat.eu
01:54:12 – Main Topic: Codex – Imperial Agents Review
03:05:33 – Hobby Progress
03:15:41 – Outro

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