Episode 141: Traitor Legions

For our last episode of 2016, we delve into the new Traitor Legions supplement for the Chaos Space Marines. Rules for playing the original legions (outside of 30K) has been something players have wanted since the 3.5 Chaos Space Marine codex went away – so, did Games Workshop pull it off? Is this the return of the golden days of Chaos, or did they miss the mark? Did Kevin get his wish and get Legion Tactics? Is there an alternative to playing Khorne Daemonkin now? And which legion comes out on top? All this, plus news and new releases, your listener questions (including a counter-argument against an Age of Sigmar-ization of 40K), a list review, and hobby progress, too! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone!

Link: Midwest Conquest 2017
Link: UnderCon 2017
Link: Did Age of Sigmar “Destroy” the Warhammer Fantasy Lore – Tabletop Minions
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5 Replies to “Episode 141: Traitor Legions”

  1. Justin MacArthur

    hey guys, could you post a topic guide on this one? hard for me to find the time to listen to the whole thing. thanks 🙂

  2. Jackson Chang

    about sigmarising 40k all I want is rend instead of AP, other things would be nice, but rend would be amazing, nothing is worse than countering stuff.

  3. Martin

    In the Death Guard part, you insisted on the fact that taking Plague Marines is too expensive, and that Chosen with mark of Nurgle would be cheaper with more weapon options. That’s true, but what about taking Havocs instead ? They’re even cheaper, and they fit well into a Chaos Warband ! (though it takes a heavy support slot)

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