Episode 135: Angel Blades and Renegades


The Black Crusade continues, and this time it’s the Blood Angels’ turn to tell their half of the story! In this episode, we take a look at Angel’s Blade, the 2nd campaign book for the Black Crusade. With unit updates, two (2!) decurion-style detachments, a bunch of formations, and even a few new relics, does this book give the Blood Angels the tools to stand with their fellow Astartes at the top of the power pyramid? And what of the Death Company – is it possible to build a viable army using the Blood Angels’ brothers in black? We dig in and try to find out! Also, we talk with Dave and Nathan from the Renegade Open to talk about their event, the updates to their format, and how the state of the game is guiding some of the changes they’re making. And of course, there’s new releases (including a peek at Genestealer Cults), your listener questions, and our hobby progress!

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:44 – Intro
00:01:22 – News and Releases
00:08:08 – Listener Questions
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01:33:33 – Interview: Dave and Nathan from the Renegade Open GT
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02:18:07 – Main Topic: Angel’s Blade
03:00:08 – Hobby Progress
03:07:10 – Outro

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14 Replies to “Episode 135: Angel Blades and Renegades”

  1. Majinsquash

    unless the decurion for orks will allow it. There is no way to take a formation that allows waaagh multiple time and have it work with Ghaz’s waaagh ability. Ghaz requires him to be the one calling the waaagh and the formations require there warboss to call it unfortunately

  2. Zingbaby

    Counter attack doesn’t go onto the unit, so that’s 30points just for the Chaplain to have CA himself (yuck)… I’m pretty forgiving with GW in most regards but I am quite sure they have no idea what they’re own ‘counter attack’ USR says.

      • Zingbaby

        Keep reading, it doesn’t. Anyway great show I love the way you guys cover codex.

        Also, unless I’m missing something I don’t think you can use Karlaen in these formations, which is a shame and weird given his presence in the fluff.

          • Zingbaby

            Oh I agree… but the part that says, “every model with the counter-attack special rule in the unit gets +1 attack”, pretty much makes it so unless the models already have it – they don’t benefit at all.

            Which is why I’m entirely sure even GW has no idea what they’re own rule says. Karlaen had a similar rule, and this relic priced at 30points – clearly the intent is that the entire unit would get it, well that’s how I see it anyway.

  3. Zingbaby

    I gotta say also Angels Blade is gonna have real trouble at smaller point events, like 1650 for example. It should be real fun for larger games though.

  4. Majinsquash

    Page 121 of the mini rule book answers the tech marine questions pretty well. Seems like you can add them and they would count as part of the formation detachment they where purchased with. So 5 lib and 15 techs would be the same detachment.

    • NockerGeek

      They are, actually. The Rules, p.121, in the Formations section: “Formations are a special type of Detachment, each a specific grouping of units renowned for their effectiveness on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium.”

      Not all detachments are formations, but all formations are detachments.

  5. Glen Campey


    Am catching up, so not sure if this gets addressed in a later show. The scene at the end of Saving Private Ryan: I’m pretty sure that the tank gets blown up by a plane that flies over at just the right moment 😉

    Haven’t long found you: keep up the good work!

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