Episode 134: Kill (Team)! Maim! Burn!


We’ve got two new products to talk about – Kill Team and Traitor’s Hate. Which one should we discuss? Why not both? Well, why not? First, we take a look at the new intro-level product for 40K. How does the game work at 200 points? Does this product provide a good starting point for new players? And what armies might work here that don’t work well in standard 40K? Then, we delve into the Black Crusade campaign book, Traitor’s Hate. With new formations and a decurion-style detachment, does this book finally bring Chaos Space Marines up to a competitive level? What formations are winners and which ones aren’t? And what about those new (?) psychic powers? All this, and listener questions, hobby progress, a pair of corrections, and a Midwest Conquest update, too! This one is loaded with content – enjoy!

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:47 – Intro
00:02:27 – News and Releases
00:27:35 – A Couple of Corrections
00:30:46 – Listener Questions
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01:56:39 – Main Topic: Kill Team
02:28:32 – Main Topic: Traitor’s Hate
03:29:46 – Midwest Conquest Update
03:39:47 – Hobby Progress
03:46:34 – Outro

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Sponsor: GameMat.eu

Theme: Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II ‘No Need to Reload’ by RoeTaKa, courtesy of OCRemix.

4 Replies to “Episode 134: Kill (Team)! Maim! Burn!”

  1. William Schuy

    On the subject of the IG Question for Conscripts and loads of tanks: one Infantry Platoon costs at minimum 130 points (30 for Platoon Command, 50×2 for the two infantry squads). 50 Conscripts bumps that up to 280 for one troop option, and you can then take a Vet squad and deck it out for long range support (2x snipers, 1 Vet Weapon team) for another 74 points with an autocannon.

    Then you take a Tank Commander (I made him Pask in my hypothetical list) and give him an Eradicator Buddy tank, making this a superb horde killer squadron (between Pask’s 20 BS4 Rending shots and the Str 6 AP4 Ignores Cover Large Blast off the Executioner, plus 6 heavy bolters between the two)

    And for Heavy support I drafted 3 Squadrons:
    2 Vanquishers w/ Hull mounted Lascannon for Anti-armor
    1 Executioner tank with Plasma Sponsons for anti-MEQ
    and 2 stock Leman Russ Battle Tanks.

    Total of 7 tanks, 50 conscripts, 25 basic guardsman (probably split into a combined 20 squad and the 5 man PCS), and a vet squad to hold backline objectives.

    Points breakdown:
    Pask-isher: 230
    Eradicator buddy: 140

    PCS, 2x Infantry, 50 Conscripts: 30+100+150 = 280
    Vets with 2x snipers, Autocannons: 74

    Vanquisher w/ Lascannon x2: 290
    Leman Russ Battle Tank x2: 300
    Executioner w/ Plasma Sponsons: 185

    Total of 1499 points.

    Thought the POV of another guard player might help 🙂
    edit: Oh wow sorry for the wall of text, got a little carried away 🙁

  2. Captain Italia

    Oh the cringe worthy lore fallacies for the lord inquisitor! Haha it’s Lord Inquisitor Coteaz on a victory parade through Terra. Not a planetary Governor! Why would a lord inquisitor report to the Planetary Governor! But in all seriousness, enjoying the podcast and like so many here, you make my Friday commutes every other weekend just that bit more bearable. Looking forward to next week!

  3. Zingbaby

    I gotta admit – you guys made me want to rush out and buy the Traitors Hate book, which I have in fact done now!

    In comparison to the Angel’s Blade book… while I think the individual formations for AB are better and really just ultra cool – the detachments/decurions for TH are significantly better and more flexible.

    You guys mentioned a DC detachment lead by Astorath or Lemartes – and if that is your bag, you are going to be very happy indeed – otherwise if you want to stick more to the Red guys the AB detachments is pretty darn awful. The demi doesn’t have objective secured and the Archangels demi is insanely expensive to field, in fact both are very expensive and leave little room for the ultra cool formations.

    The formations are on their own are still nice – but they obviously lose the BA “chapter tactics” type bonuses.

    The other real flaw is how the characters interact with the formations within the detachment – basically they don’t. Which means your IC’s are just flapping in the wind by themselves (can buy dedicated transports either).

    Overall the AB book is decent and certainly provides some extra utility – but I’m not sure it really raises the BA “power level” all that much, time will tell!

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