Episode 133: The Men in Black


Our first new codex in almost a year is here, and it’s all about those unknown men in the black suits that protect humanity from aliens. That’s right – it’s the Deathwatch. In this episode, we take a tour through the rules for this long-awaited army. It’s a power armor army, but is it like any other army we’ve seen in the game so far? And what kinds of tricks do they have up their silver sleeves? How do you build an army of the best of the best of the best? Also, we talk about the various releases that (Good Guy) GW has dropped on the doorstep, the last two faction FAQs, and we answer your listener questions – including an Imperial Fist list review!

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:45 – Intro
00:01:25 – News and Releases
00:28:38 – Listener Questions
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01:42:32 – Main Topic: Deathwatch Codex Review
02:47:17 – Hobby Progress
02:51:59 – Outro

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Theme: Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II ‘No Need to Reload’ by RoeTaKa, courtesy of OCRemix.

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  1. Burf

    I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned it yet, probably should have by now but the beacon angelis provides is benefit even if it didn’t start ON the table.

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