Episode 132: So You Want to Start an Army – Blood Angels


GenCon is over, (most of) the crew is back together, and it’s time to move forward with the So You Want to Start an Army series. This time, it’s the Blood Angels that go under the auspex. From Baal Predators to the Black Rage, from Sanguinary Priests to sarcophagi, we take a look at what makes this most assault-y of Space Marine chapters tick. In news and releases, GW drops a new long-awaited codex and a two-player boxed set to go with it, and continues with the 40K FAQ updates. In listener questions, we review a Blood Angels army list, answer various space marine questions, and examine why you don’t see named characters too much. Afterwards, Rob talks to Jason Horn, organizer of the Iron Halo, to find out what’s coming up for that event in Oklahoma in October. Finally, in hobby progress, we talk GenCon purchases and find out how Rob will be painting his Sisters of Battle for the Iron Halo!

00:00:00 – Cold Open
00:00:42 – Intro
00:01:18 – News and Releases
00:31:04 – Listener Questions
01:44:45 – Sponsor: KR Multicase
01:45:50 – Interview: Jason Horn from the Iron Halo GT
02:24:31 – Sponsor: GameMat.eu
02:25:36 – Main Topic: So You Want to Start an Army – Blood Angels
03:19:04 – Hobby Progress
03:26:56 – Outro

Link: The Iron Halo GT – FacebookBestCoastPairings
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Sponsor: KR Multicase
Sponsor: GameMat.eu

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  1. Zingbaby

    I’m a little late to this one, but just a few things: Dante doesn’t give ‘no scatter’ he gives a ‘D6 only scatter’, and the Glaive Encarmine (two-handed) swords specifically do not give extra attacks; so Sanguinary Guard are base attacks 2 (3 only if you add the Chapter Banner).

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