Episode 128: So You Want to Run a Tournament


If you’ve got a group of players and want to figure out who’s the best player, a tournament is one of the best ways to get the answer – but what if you’ve never run a tournament before? How do you even go about doing that? In this episode, the Preferred Enemies crew tries to help by sharing their experiences on running tournaments, both big and small. From tables and terrain to rankings and rulings, we discuss how we’ve been running our local and regional events and what we’ve learned along the way. Also, we answer a large chunk of listener questions, including several that are tournament-related. It’s a one-stop shop for tournament advice! All this, news, reviews, and hobby progress, too!

00:00:00 Cold Open
00:00:49 Intro
00:02:30 News and New Releases
00:36:10 Listener Questions
02:05:35 Sponsor Break
02:07:35 Main Topic – So You Want to Run a Tournament?
02:59:40 Hobby Progress
03:03:58 Show Ending

Link: Best Coast Pairings
Link: Example Scoring/Pairing Sheet on Google Docs
Link: Frontline Gaming FAT Mats
Link: GameMat.eu
Sponsor: KR Multicase
Sponsor: Wargames Supply

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  1. Jamie Rosen

    On the subject of the “So You Want to Start an Army” series of episodes stopping when you run out of Start Collecting boxes — I think the armies without those boxes would be even better subjects for your episodes. I’d love to hear a “So You Want…” about Sisters, of Dark Eldar, or Blood Angels. It’s harder to start an army when it’s not getting much support from GW, and your advice is always welcome.

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