Episode 123: So You Want to Start an Army – Chaos Daemons


We continue the “So You Want to Start an Army” series with not one, but two separate boxes, because this time we’re delving into Chaos Daemons! What terrors for the tabletop lurk in the Warp, and how will they bring you victory? Four gods, four separate forces, but does it coalesce into one army? Listen to find out! Also, we answer your rules question, along with a couple of letters worth of feedback from listeners, and we announce the latest Midwest Conquest updates!

0:00:00 Cold Open
0:00:55 News and Releases
0:21:30 Listener Questions/Feedback
1:12:55 Sponsor Break
1:14:53 So You Want to Start an Army – Chaos Daemons
2:17:14 Midwest Conquest Updates/Hobby Progress

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One Reply to “Episode 123: So You Want to Start an Army – Chaos Daemons”

  1. Gunzhard22

    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed the show guys.

    With the new Renegade Knight I’ve been thinking about running either Chaos Daemons with CSM allies or vise versa… though, after your show I think I’ll run CSM as primary haha and skip all that table wackiness.

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