Episode 122: Narrative Campaigns with Pimpcron


We take a break from our So You Want to Start an Army series to take a look at narrative campaigns. We’ve tried our hand at playing a simple one, and we’ve used narrative elements in tournament missions, but we’re far from experts. Fortunately, we know someone with more experience, so our friend Pimpcron joins us again. We talk about campaigns at the large, small, and even solo(!) levels, with some close-up views of a recent campaign he ran, as well as examining the Curse of Fenris campaign from GW. Also, hobby progress, new sponsors for the Midwest Conquest GT, your rules questions, and we celebrate GW’s return to both social media AND organized play!

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Link: Dice for the Dice God
Link: Dice for the Dice God – The Easiest 40K Campaign Ever Made
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7 Replies to “Episode 122: Narrative Campaigns with Pimpcron”

  1. James Eggers

    Thanks for the Ork follow up guys. It did address a number of my concerns with it. In addition, I fully agree with a lot of the items you mentioned as well – especially the clunkiness of Mob Rule and the lack of a standout unit like we’ve seen with TWC and Scatter Bikes. Since I’m local, I just need to make it over to the store and see how a game would go between my orks and one of you guys. Not saying I’ll win (especially since you guys do more tournaments than I) but I’m always up for new opponents. I’ll move that conversation to FB though.

  2. Gunzhard22

    Dudes, great episode. I was a devoted listener years ago, then I just sorta forgot about podcasts for a while – I’m so glad you guys are still going strong!

    I realize I am still playing catch-up here but this episode covered my favorite topic; narrative campaigns. I am so surprised that nobody mentioned the Horus Heresy Conquest Campaign system. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it blows away any of the previous GW or FW campaigns …be it Planetary Empires, Crusade of Fire, Badab War, Sanctus Reach or the Curse of the Wolfen campaign etc etc.

    First, it’s not specifically tied to any fixed narrative or army(ies). It’s built with 30K in mind but it’s perfectly usable for 40K (which is what we do). It’s incredibly customizable, and flexible enough to support really any size or disposition of gaming group. I can’t say enough good things about it.

    I started making a primer for my group, then recently decided to share it on my blog, if you’re interested:

    I don’t play any 30K but I think the book is awesome, if not for the campaign system alone. Once you setup your Warzone the narrative basically writes itself and it’s very fluid, so you don’t get hung up on the old snags like people needing to play their games or a fixed-map scenario that must be resolved; it’s very well thought out. We manage the whole thing through our group campaign wiki.

    Hah ok, yeah I’m really into this thing, but if you guys like narrative campaigns you should definitely give this one a shot!

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