Episode 115: The Renegade Open 2015


The Renegade Open 2015 has come and gone, and Rob, Dennis, and Kevin were there! Recording from the Fantasy Flight Game Center in Roseville, Minnesota (and from a nearby hotel as well), they talk about the venue, the mission structure, their opponents, and their games. They also manage to get Puck and Dave, two of the organizers, to discuss how both days went, what went right, what (if anything) went wrong, and how they changed up the event from last year’s tournament. Also, we discuss new release, answer your rules questions, and talk about the recent ITC vote and how – or even if – it might affect the Midwest Conquest GT.

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7 Replies to “Episode 115: The Renegade Open 2015”

  1. Renzo

    I think you guys are being extraordinarily unfair on Reece when you criticise him publicly like this – and actually you’ve completely missed the point on this tau coordinated firepower issue. You may think that he is trying to skew rules in his favour, but either you don’t understand the basics of running a business or you have a cruel vendetta against the guy, but you ask yourself why he would do that before throwing unfounded accusations around. A) he doesn’t play in his own tournaments, and B) if his event customers think he’s doing that, he loses out. So there is quite literally nothing for him to gain from doing that

    The other bit of intellectual gymnastics you seem to be playing is around their ruling being a “rules change” vs a “rules clarification”. I know that to you, as Tau players, it seems obvious that the more extreme interpretation is RAW, but actually the rest of the community is far more split. So to label it a rules change simply because you disagree is also completely unfair.

    I hate to be negative, and I’ve loved your shows until I heard this Reece-bashing take a whole new level.

    • Renzo

      Oh and the reason they have to make these rulings so fast is because there are ITC events every week most of the year. So, again, just stop and think about their motivations before flaming them on your podcast guys. That’s really not cool

      • lordfrezon

        I feel this is an argument for the opposite, that since they have so many events that they can run a few with it one way and a few the other, and see which one was better/more enjoyable/more balanced. I didn’t think it was flaming, they had legitimate criticisms and voiced them pretty respectfully.

  2. Simon Lindridge

    Adults are able to disagree. It’s ok. If you listen to the previous episode, the guys disagreed with FLG then. I’m sure no one will lose sleep over the comments made. Overall as decent an episode as any podcast from a tournament can be.

  3. Nik

    Can you point me to the rules that says a unit uses its jumppack when it deepstrikes?
    The wargear jumppack grants the Deepstrike rule, but nowhere does it state that you use the jump pack when deep striking.
    Is this you house ruling based on fluff? If so, you should be clear on that.

    • NockerGeek

      (Rob) Admittedly, it is somewhat fluff-justified, but there’s also a rules reason. In the first paragraph of “Jump Units” (Rules, p.65), it says, “If not using its jump pack, a model moves as a normal model of its type.” Arriving via Deep Strike prevents a unit from moving further in the movement phase, and the unit counts as having moved during the shooting phase. That implies that Deep Strike is considered a form of movement, and for infantry it’s not a normal move allowed. Since they made a move not normally allowed for infantry, it would indicate that the deep strike “move” uses the jump pack. Not the most direct argument, true, but I think it holds up.

      As always, though, decide with your playgroup or TO – TO trumps podcast every day!

  4. Andrew Tiegs

    Hey, thanks for the mentions of my army in the podcast. And for using it as the cover image for it. Makes me feel all special and warm. I really enjoyed my games against you guys. You guys were great and I hope to get the chance to play against you again. Really debating coming down to KC for the tournament and I’ll be bringing the rats if I do. Though you totally forgot to mention how your Tau commander and my Culexus assassin spent 80% of the game uselessly flailing at each other in assault.

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