Episode 114: Making Missions with Pimpcron


We’ve talked about the history and basic structure of missions back in episode 109, but our listeners wanted more, so in this episode we look at building narrative missions. To guide us, we’re joined by Pimpcron from Dice for the Dice God and Bell of Lost Souls, who takes us through his four rules for making a fun, balanced narrative mission. If you’ve ever been stumped on how to tell great stories with your games without going down the rabbit hole of overworking the rules, you’ll get a lot of this episode. Also, your rules questions, a brief revisit of the Coordinated Firepower rule, and hobby progress!

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Pimpcron’s 4 Rules For Making Your Own Narrative Missions
  1. Keep It Simple.
  2. Mission special features shouldn’t be take much time away from the game.
  3. Make sure your opponent knows what they are getting into.
  4. Keep in mind that narrative scenarios are often unbalanced.
Pimpcron’s Narrative Mission Template
  • Identify the main idea of the mission via a one or two sentence “elevator pitch”
  • Determine what the main feature or two is that you want to use to spice up the game (Deployment, Primary Objectives, Mission Special Rules)
  • Start by making those couple important things in your mission, then attempt to make it somewhat fair by tweaking all of the other parts of your mission.


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  1. taburde

    Actually quite curious about the game you guys brainstormed, and it sounds hella fun. Is there anywhere that has that written down so a friend and I can hash it out for our armies?

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