Episode 113: The Even Greater Good


After a few weeks of build-up releases, the new Tau Empire codex is out, and it’s time we take our look at it – both versions! All the updates are in two formats now – a codex, and a campaign book that erratas the old codex. So, what’s changed? What’s new? Why is the cover almost identical to the previous version? Does the new Tau decurion-style detachment break everything? We look at these and other questions, as well as look at the Ghostkeel Edition of the Tau codex, and we’re joined by our friend Woodsy, who digs through the book with us. Also, the Horus Heresy game release, as well as your rules questions!

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4 Replies to “Episode 113: The Even Greater Good”

  1. Michael Hall

    Hi Guys, love the cast here in the UK.

    Just listening to the Tau episode all good stuff other than I think you may have missed the point about why the internet has kicked up such a fuss over the combined fire rule.
    It states that all the units have to fire at the same target to gain all the benefits but you can then slit fire to other units using Target locks and Stormsurges only have to fire one of their smaller guns at the main target whilst firing at multiple other targets with their bigger guns.
    Doing it this way you can gain Twinlinked, Ignores cover, monster/tank hunter etr.. on your whole army and fire at many different units in the opposing army.
    Broken? I’m not sure but certainly not a whole lot of fun for either player to just pick up half an army before getting a turn.

    • NockerGeek

      Rob here. Personally, I find the concern over target locks to
      be a bit overstated. Yes, it is possible to have a unit have some models
      with target locks and split the fire around – you could do this before
      with a buffmander inserted into a unit of Crisis Suits or Broadsides.
      The Hunter Contingent lets you do this on a larger scale, but you’re
      still talking about single suit models breaking off from their
      individual units, but the units firing under Coordinated Firepower still
      have to target a single unit in general.

      For example, let’s say you have Crisis Suit unit A, with member A1 being
      normal, and members A2 and A3 having target locks. They join in with
      Buffmander B, and Fire Warrior squads C and D and Riptide E to target a
      single unit. Sure, A2 and A3 can fire at different targets from A1, C,
      D, and E, and everybody gets Buffmander B’s buffs. However, you can’t
      have, say, C fire at A2’s target instead of everyone else’s target,
      because _unit_ A still has to fire at the group’s target, and thus C still has to fire at A’s target. Target locks
      just allow single models to target something different from their unit.
      It’s a bit tricky to illustrate, but hopefully this helps a bit.

      It’s a far cry from “letting the whole army fire at many different targets”.

      Sure, you can put target locks on Riptides to game the rule (although
      you’re giving up one of 2 support system slots to do it), and sure,
      Stormsurges throw things off a bit (although I’m still not convinced
      that Stormsurges are good for their price; I’ll have to see them on the
      table myself to be convinced otherwise). Overall, though, I think the
      fear of splitting fire is overstated.

      • Michael Hall

        I would agree the internet rage is overstated and the rule is pretty clear in it’s intention, I think the main time it will get a little out of hand is when people take multiple Stormsurges and have first turn as they gain such massive bonuses from the Buffmander.
        It’s certainly counterable it local groups will likely not be totally gamed but I fear it has the possibility to lead to alot of negative play experiences which I just find annoying.
        Thanks for the response 🙂

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