Episode 79: ‘Ere We Go, ‘Ere We Go!


The first Seventh Edition codex is upon us, and it’s da Orks! Jumping ahead three versions, how does the new codex translate into the new ruleset? How have the army’s rules changed? Is it an upgrade or a downgrade? And is all the crazy wackiness we’ve come to expect in past Ork codexes still there? In this episode, Rob, Richard, and Dennis discuss the new book and look at what’s changed, from the units to the codex format. Also, a review of the Warboss Edition, looking back at our first 7th Edition event, a tournament shout-out for England, and hobby progress, too!

Huddersfield-Games Tournament Packet

Theme: Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II ‘No Need to Reload’ by RoeTaKa, courtesy of OCRemix.org

9 Replies to “Episode 79: ‘Ere We Go, ‘Ere We Go!”

  1. Harrison

    I’m sorry but please never have richard as the main/majority voice on a podcast again, he sounds so miserable and unenthusiastic I had to stop listening to the podcast, he sounded about as excited for this codex and life in general as eeyore from winnie the pooh.

    • Henry Cabot Henhaus III

      He added constructive comments to the review. If you want bubbly, perky and meaningless babble go listen to Richard Simmons on the Women’s Chanel on tv.

    • pimpcron

      I actually enjoy that they all sound different. I’ve listened to other podcasts where their voices sound similar and it’s very confusing.

  2. Xenomorph

    New listener. Who is that guy with the slow monotone voice that keeps repeating what the other guys are saying right after they say it. No offence but he’s so annoying to listen to, too bad because the others aren’t bad.

  3. Neil Junco

    just started listening to you guys. I keep hearing you guys saying codex trumps BRB. Its supposed to be specific trumps general. Otherwise sounds good.

    • NockerGeek

      We’re both right, according to p.13 of The Rules. In the “Basic versus Advanced” sidebar, it does say that advanced rules for specific models override basic rules. It also says at the end, though, that when a conflict arises between a rulebook rule and a codex rule, the codex always takes precedence.

  4. Dogbert

    I have to agree with others. First time listener here as well. The slow monotone drawl from the one host was, most of the time, painful. I don’t ask for “bubbly, perky and meaningless babble” but I also want to hear someone who actually sounds like they care. If this was the norm for people on radio and tv would anyone want to watch?

    Otherwise, I liked the podcast.

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