Episode 76: Warhammer 40K Next?


Hot on the heels of Rob saying that we wouldn’t comment on the rumors of a new edition came GW verification of a new edition! On this episode, the Preferred Enemies crew takes a look at GW’s confirmations and gives their impressions. The 40K internet community is divided; which side will we fall on? Is the sky falling and is this the end of days for 40K? Or is this a grand new hope for the future? Or both? Or neither? Also, hobby progress, summer plans, upcoming tournaments, and a brief tangent into non-Avengers superhero films, because why not?

DieCon 14/Gateway Grand Tournament
Midwest Massacre 2014
Fall Recruits 2014

Theme: Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II ‘No Need to Reload’ by RoeTaKa, courtesy of OCRemix.org


7 Replies to “Episode 76: Warhammer 40K Next?”

  1. Henry Cabot Henhaus III

    The rumor that prescience is being moved to the 5th slot and cost two warp charges to cast is totally false. I know, cause I started the rumor two weeks ago on BOL. I posted it once and it is all over the place. Rumors no matter how many times they are quoted are only just rumors. Most are accepted without any attempt to verify the validity of the source.

      • Henry Cabot Henhaus III

        I was interested in seeing how fast a false post would be accepted as legitimate. No one questioned my source. They just took it and repeated it. Soon it was being considered legit because it was being posted by multiple people. It seems that most bloggers have little or no critical thinking skills. This is one way conspiracy theories grow to be accepted (IMO). If enough people repeat a lie enough times it will be accepted by many as fact, because that many people can’t be wrong.

      • Henry Cabot Henhaus III

        I wasn’t trying to be overly critical of your podcast. I think it is excellent and enjoy each of the host. I realize it was quoted as being a rumor on your show. I just wanted to set the record straight of it being untrue and that it was not based on any legitimate or special insight.

        I made one post just to see what would happen. I made up a false story to make it sound reasonable. It was as follows:

        “My sister in law works in the printing department and has seen parts of the new rule book. She has limited gameplay experience but does know the rules from watching countless games. One thing she did notice is that “Prescience” is no longer the Primaris Power in Divination. It has move to number five and now cost two warp charges to cast.”
        That was it. After that it grew on its own.

        • NockerGeek

          Oh, no worries. This is exactly the reason we’ve adopted the attitude we have towards rumors, because so many of them have no real sourcing or conflict with one another, and tend to stick with only confirmed info. We’ll comment on rumors, such as with the Prescience one you created, like “if it were true, it would be neat, and it’s plausible, but still only a rumor”. Thanks for coming forward, though – I think we’ll make a comment about this in episode 77.

          • Henry Cabot Henhaus III

            I am pleased you take the attitude you do. In my group there are a few who believe every new story that comes out. I wanted them to see how baseless most rumors are.

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