Episode 74: Tyranid Formations – Subtitle Subtitle Subtitle


On this episode, we switch from Helbrutes to Hive Fleets! All three installments of Rising Leviathan, the Tyranid formations set, are now out, and the Preferred Enemies crew gives them the once-over.  How do they compare to the trio of formations we saw for Chaos? Do they provide the same perks and boosts to lesser-used units? Do they help the Tyranids out with that whole “missing ally slot” problem? Can they make Tyranid armies fluffier, more competitive, or even both? And when does a formation become so large that it only fits in Apocalypse? Listen as we dive in to answer these and other questions. Also, we discuss the new GW website, the results from Adepticon and what they say about the game, and poke at the new Imperial Guard releases. All this, and hobby progress too!

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