Episode 70: What If We Ran GW?


Recently, GW put out an ad looking for someone to help figure out something – anything, really – to make their stores more successful. While we’re not necessarily applying for the job, we do have some ideas! This week, the Preferred Enemies crew discusses things that they would do to help bring GW and its players – past, present, and future – together. To keep it challenging, we won’t even get rid of the retail outlets! What ideas do we have? Listen to find out! Also, we discuss our recent Escalation event, review both new White Dwarf replacements, and talk about our recent hobby progress.

Kickstarter – Iron Edda: War of Metal and Bone

Theme: Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II ‘No Need to Reload’ by RoeTaKa, courtesy of OCRemix.org

3 Replies to “Episode 70: What If We Ran GW?”

  1. Vachones

    Great discussion guys, all the ideas pitched were really good, the best one being easing the barrier to entry. Along with starter sets and including skirmish/kill team rules, I think it would be great to include scenarios in the boxes or online where people can play against each other in really cool narrative ways. Imagine buying a $50-$75 starter box and playing within 15 minutes!

    One idea you briefly mentioned and I’d expand on is online content. I understand the role of white dwarf, but what drives traffic to a site is content online, specifically FREE online content. They typically charge for this stuff, but I think loosening that up would pay off in the long run.

    I watched a video with Phil Kelly explaining Dark Eldar years ago and I loved it. How about designer video diaries? Maybe get a peak inside design sessions? How about posting some sketchbook or design ideas for feedback? Anything that lifts the veil just a bit to get fans excited.

    If GW is a hobby company, how about more hobby articles? Tell me how to paint a miniature to table-top standards. They released a free digital book on how to paint Space Marines and it was perfect: not too advanced, still looks good. Tell me great ways to use their products. Explain to me what a “glaze” paint does. Show me how to convert models with bits from other kits.

    If GW is a narrative/fluffy company, how about more narrative scenarios? Give me some ideas on how to forge the narrative. You can even include suggested products that would help to set up a table; for the “forests of death scenario” we recommend these products: 3 citadel woods, one hill, etc…

    To sum up: give us content online for FREE that helps us get excited and to use your products.

  2. Santi G

    Greetings from Spain! I´ve just discovered you and I think I´ve finally found the kind of w40k podcast I was looking for -even when it´s not spoken in my native language! Great work, guys, keep it up!

  3. Joshua Raymond

    Great episode guys! I just got started in 40k (after being a Fantasy player for some approx. 2 years) and am loving it so far. Your episodes have really helped me to dive deep into the hobby and understand its ins and outs. It’s also nice to see some of your ideas getting used by GW such as the “Start Collecting” boxes (coincidence?). Keep up the great work!

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