Episode 44: Dark Angels


New year! New codex! New host! We welcome Kevin from our parent podcast as our new co-host, explain where we’ve been and why we’ve been gone (and why Rob shouldn’t record on 3 hours of sleep), and then it’s on to the meat of our show. First, a look at GW’s digital product line, such as White Dwarf and the digital codexes. Then, it’s new codex time – we go through the new Dark Angels codex and give our impressions unit-by-unit (corrected for errata, of course). Finally, it’s on to hobby progress, and we declare the failure and demise of our army challenge – and encourage everyone to join the Independent Characters for their 2013 Hobby Progress Challenge! It’s a long show, but we’ve been gone a while and have a lot to cover! Welcome back!

Preferred Enemies Combat Patrol Rules
Independent Characters 2013 Hobby Progress Challenge Forum

Music: “Frets of Fury“, remixed by vertexguy. Music courtesy of Overclocked Remix

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  1. 8one6

    The “english mothereffer” issue reminds me of the wording on the doom scythe’s doom beam of doom.* The working can always be better. 

    *Now with more doom.

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