Episode 42 Extras – Eldar List

Here’s the list we built in Episode 42, in PDF format.

Life in the Lower Tier – Episode 42 – Eldar

One Reply to “Episode 42 Extras – Eldar List”

  1. Hece86

    Really orsm episode this week guys. As a 10 year eldar player I dug the analysis. The list is pretty good too, except for one huge weakness. There is enough s6 to sink a ship, but what happens when you come up against any tank with armour value greater than 12? 2 Fusion pistols aint gonna cut it. I would trade some war walker scatter lasers for eldar missle launchers to have a chance at least. Or better yet, get rid of a unit in exchange for some fire dragons. I think fire dragons in a falcon is still one of the best units in the game even without the old holofields. It’s tough to make an eldar ‘all-comers’ list, and without more anti-tank this list will be thrashed by guard, tau and anything else with a lot of tanks.

    Keep up the great work guys. Also, don’t sell yourself short, I’d rather listen to you than the independant characters any day.

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