Episode 29: Armies for Newbs – Black Templars

The Armies for Newbs series soldiers on with a look at the Black Templars, the oldest codex still left standing. How does this codex, still full of 4th Edition thinking and support, stack up for new players? Also, we give our thoughts on the now-official flier release, and we go on at length about the recently revealed price increase coming next week. Does the increase price us out of our hobby?

Music: “Frets of Fury“, remixed by vertexguy. Music courtesy of Overclocked Remix

3 Replies to “Episode 29: Armies for Newbs – Black Templars”

  1. Don_mecha

    thanks so much for this, im a black templar player. hope the segment on BTs starts soon tho. 30mins in and still no black templars…

  2. Don_mecha

    thanks again for this episode. im new to 40k and i happened to choose BTs as my first army…. (like u said a new player maybe shudnt… hahah), but funny u mentioned ur kitbashed chaplain fromthewarp conversion skulls, since last night i prepped 8 of those skulls for my terminators to match my terminator chaplain! love those skulls.

  3. BrotherMarshall Zappin'

    don’t forget the techmarine can take from the armoury! Techies with jump packs in an assault squad? Coming with preferred enemy  power weapons and a powerfist is a nice addition in small points games

    also i enjoy your show alot especially since it is so local! I play up in independence, MO with frag at games cafe as well as in the area.

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