Episode 24: Armies for Newbs – Chaos Space Marines

Armies for Newbs continues with a look at the true bad guys of the 40K universe, the traitor legions of the Chaos Space Marines. Are they still up for fighting the Long War, or have 10,000 years of battle and new editions of the game finally blunted their spiked reach? Also, we take a look at the new Forgeworld Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine release – how does it stack up compared to what’s in the Chaos Marine codex, and is it worth the cost in points and pounds sterling? Finally, a couple of upcoming tournament announcements, and our (utter lack) of hobby progress!

Sites mentioned:
Forgeworld: Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine
Frostreaver.net – Spring Recruits Tournament
Recruits Convention
Pulp Fiction Comics and Games Tournament

Music: “Frets of Fury“, remixed by vertexguy. Music courtesy of Overclocked Remix

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