Episode 297: Crusade and Narrative 40K

Sometimes, you want a break from matched play, or you just want to tell a neat story with your miniatures, and that’s where narrative play comes in! In this episode, we discuss the ins and outs of Crusade, the narrative system that Games Workshop introduced with 9th edition and continues to support into 10th. We delve into how it works, what we like about it, and what we don’t like as much, and some alternative narrative systems you might consider as well. Also, we discuss the Adepticon 2024 reveals, including the Chaos Space Marine codex and boxes, the new Kill Team box, and whether or not GW might be spreading themselves too thin.

Link: Midwest Conquest 2024
Link: 10th Edition Urban Conquest Stratagems: PDF / HTML
Link: Snipe and Wib – Codex Compliant: Codex Cityfight
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