Episode 289: Starting a New Army, Part Two – Building and Painting

In our last episode, we walked through the process of building a new army from a logistic and financial sense. In this episode, it’s time to build that army in a more literal sense, so we’re talking building and painting your army! We go through the range of tools and techniques for getting your models off the sprue, assembled, painted, and based, as well as tips and tricks we’ve learned over the years. Is a $50 pair of sprue clippers worth the price? Who makes the best glue? Should you ever buy a $30 can of spray paint? Can you actually paint models with craft paints? Does slapchop painting work for everything? We answer all of these and more. Also, we look at the Warhammer day previews, the latest Metawatch,  and the launch of the new Warhammer website.

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Link: Warhipster – Contrast+ Painting Tutorials
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