Episode 270: End of Year Wrap-Up, Part One

The year is winding to an end, and there’s a lot to discuss in the last couple of weeks! Fortunately, Rob, Dennis, and Richard are here to tackle the topics. We discuss the end of the US Open Series, both in the Competitive and Narrative tracks, with a deep dive into all the stops Games Workshop pulled out for the narrative finale. Also, we talk about the last Metawatch of the year and what it tells us about how things are going from a design and balance standpoint. There’s also the Chaos-focused reveals from the Grand Narrative preview, such as Vashtorr and the new World Eaters. We dig into the holiday army bundles and give our rankings on which boxes are the best for your buck. Finally, we take a look at the Armies on Parade winners and just what we love about all of them. We’ll be back in two weeks for Part Two of our Year-End Wrap-Up!

Link: Tabletop Titans – The Best Narrative Event You’ve Never Heard Of
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