Episode 254: Ninth Edition Aeldari, Part One

They finally did it – Games Workshop released a codex so large that we can’t reasonably review it in one episode. Only one thing to do, then, and that’s make it a two-parter! In this episode, Dennis and Rob take a look at the Craftworlds portion of the new Aeldari codex, taking a look at what changes the space elves have received to make them work in this edition of the game. How does manipulating the strands of fate work? How do the new Autarch rules work for the new customizable model? Are corsairs worth taking? And how does one get the most out of all the Aspect Warriors? We take a long dive into all things Asuryani, and next episode we’ll talk Harlequins and Ynnari. Also, your listener mail, hobby progress, and the Morale Phase!

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