Episode 234: Ninth Edition Drukhari

First, Death Guard. Then, Dark Angels. Now, the third codex to start with a “D” popped out of the Webway – Drukhari. This faction, formerly known as Dark Eldar, had a major visual redesign back in Fifth Edition, and has had a few moments in the sun in the intervening years… but is Ninth Edition finally their time to shine? How do you fit sadomasochistic gangsters, gladiatorial bloodsport, and body horror into one codex, or for that matter, into one army? Do their rules play nicely together? Do they finally have the damage output to compete? Will Wyches ever be good? We talk about all that and more in our look at the brand-new Drukhari codex. Also, news and new releases, your listener mail, hobby progress, and the Morale Phase!

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