Episode 220: The New Rules

The new rules are upon us! In this very special episode of Preferred Enemies, we dispense with our normal show flow and get right into talking about the rules of the new edition. In the first segment, we go over the core rules of the game, which GW just released as a free PDF. In the second segment, we talk about everything that isn’t included, such as army building, strategic reserves, terrain, and the new matched play missions. Have they solved the problems with 8th Edition? With many pages more of rules, did they hit the sweet spot between streamlined and comprehensive? Are the rules easy to follow? We try to tackle the whole book (minus Crusade – we’ll save that for another day) in this episode!

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Theme: Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II ‘No Need to Reload’ by RoeTaKa, courtesy of OCRemix.