Episode 219: War of the Spider

Two weeks later, and the penultimate Psychic Awakening book is upon us! This one is packed with content, given that it covers five (5!) factions. How do the Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence fare, now that they are once again Talons of the Emperor? How do Imperial Assassins fit in? Are Death Guard finally able to hang with their other Chaos cousins? And what nastiness does Fabius Bile bring to the table? Also, we take a look at all the bits and pieces of 9th Edition that the Warhammer community team has been drip-feeding us over the past two weeks, including the new Indomitus box. Is it a worthy successor to Dark Imperium? Or is it even in the same ballpark? And how do we think these changes will affect the armies we play? All this, plus your listener mail and the morale phase!

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