Episode 218: Engine War

The Psychic Awakening has begun again! In this episode, we take a look at the latest book – the first to be released since new products opened back up – and see where it sits amongst its campaign book brethren. Does the story move the metaplot forward? Does it actually have a conclusion? And what about the rules within? The Adeptus Mechanicus have several new toys to play with, the Chaos Knights have actual households, and Chaos Daemons have some of their number Exalted now – what does this do for them power- and ability-wise? And does this finally bring Imperial and Chaos Knights into parity? Also in this episode, a very important announcement from Games Workshop and other members of the Warhammer community, and more looks into the new rules in 9th Edition. All this, and your listener mail!

Link: GW Announcement | Toby Longworth Audio Version
Link: Independent Characters Announcement
Link: Adepticon Announcement
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