Episode 196: The Midwest Conquest GT 2019

The games are done, the tables are packed away, and another Midwest Conquest is in the books! So, how did our 40k convention go? How did our first Kill Team event run? How about our first Friendly event? What about the first Narrative Horus Heresy event we’ve hosted? And of course, the GT? What went right, what would we change, and what are we hoping to do again? We’re joined on our post-con coverage by Jake, Bert, and Andrew from the Renegade Open to hear their take on the events, as well as Dave Kohman for some talk about how his Horus Heresy event went!

Link: Midwest Conquest Friendly Event Packet
Link: Slaughterhouse GT – WebsiteFacebook
Link: The Renegade Open
Link: Flying Monkey Con
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