Episode 190: The Las Vegas Open 2019

Another year has gone by, and Kevin returns to the Las Vegas Open to see the sights and play the (friendly) games! Flying solo this time, our intrepid host talks about his experiences at the 2019 Las Vegas Open, including the new releases teased by GW, his Forge World indulgences, his painting classes, the always-excellent media panels, and how his games went at the LVO Friendly! In the second part of the show, he’s joined by friend of the show and organizer of the Iron Halo GT  Jason Horn to get a judge’s-eye view of the competitive side of the game, including a look at the new ITC Code of Conduct in action. It’s a short episode – no listener mail or hobby progress until this Beast of Nurgle stops using Rob as a chew toy – but huge props to Kevin to getting us his coverage!

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Link: “So You Want to Start A Podcast” – UnderDiscussion
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