Episode 186: Chapter Approved 2018

It’s time for our new December 40K tradition – the reading of the latest year’s Chapter Approved! For a second year in a row, GW has updated the 40K environment with a book of new missions, play variants, and point values. But that’s not all! We also get our first beta codex for the Adepta Sororitas, and the return of The Eight to the Tau. A book like this is sure to shake things up – so what’s our take on it? What do we like, what do we not? Should Looted Wagons be legal outside Open Play? What would we want to borrow from Cities of Death? How about those new mission rules? Does the new Acts of Faith system actually work? And will updated point costs change what we see on the table? Also, we take a side trip to look into the first campaign book of 8th Edition, Vigilus Defiant, and examine what it brings to the narrative and matched play landscapes. All that, and your listener mail, too!

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