Episode 185: All This and World WAAGH Too!

Orktober has passed, Nobvember is done, and now it’s Dakkacember! What does it mean? It’s time for us to look at Codex: Orks! The green tide rolls into 8th edition with the full codex treatment, and it lands having already won a major tournament. So, how do the bosses and their boys stack up in this edition? Are they still the angry fungus among us? Are Morkanauts worth taking again? And is the Grot Shield as powerful as people think? We dig into all of this and more! Also, a look into what came out of the Vigilus Weekender, a bit of “backwards” hobby progress, and your listener mail!

Link: The Midwest Conquest 2019
Link: UnderCon 2019
Link: Vigilus Weekender Reddit Thread from CaptainBetts
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