Episode 184: The Renegade Open 2018

It’s November and just about Thanksgiving here in the US, and that can only mean one thing for the Preferred Enemies crew – we were at the Renegade Open! This year, we did things a bit differently and didn’t play in the main competitive event, instead focusing on the Team and Friendly events. However, we didn’t leave you hanging – we’re joined by Jason Horn of the Iron Halo, who provided streaming coverage for the GT! From how Kevin and Rob did in the team tournament – inlcuding why you should never overwatch with an overcharged plasma pistol – to the Knight Joust – where Kevin defended his title as the reigning champion – to how Richard and Rob did in the Friendly tournament – including talk of cursed jerseys and good karma – we’ve got a lot to discuss! Also, in news and new releases, we delve into the depths of Blackstone Fortress. All this, and announcing next year’s Midwest Conquest, too!

Link: The Midwest Conquest 2019
Link: UnderCon 2019
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