Episode 183: Hobby 201 with Alex Hunt

We’re back with some double-action goodness! In the first section, we talk about the second Big FAQ. New reserves rules, changes to command point regeneration, a change to flying units, and more – how do we feel that these changes will affect the game?  Are there big winners and losers, or any collateral damage from the new rules? Then, in our second part, we’re joined by hobby guru Alex Hunt for our second hobby-centric episode. This time, he walks us through the ins and outs of airbrushing – what tools to buy, how to mix your paints, how to use your compressor, and just what you can do with your kit. If you’ve ever thought of getting an airbrush, but have been intimidated by all that’s involved, or if you just started using one and want to learn what else you can do, this is the episode for you! All this, and your listener mail, too!

Link: Masters Air Brush Kit with Compressor on Amazon
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Theme: Metal Slug 2: Super Vehicle-001/II ‘No Need to Reload’ by RoeTaKa, courtesy of OCRemix.