Episode 173: Horror Movie Space Elves

It’s time to get back to get back to codex reviews, and this time we delve into elves! The Drukhari (the Army Formerly Known as Dark Eldar) are now out of Index 40K and into Codex 40K, and with them they bring a lot of new evil tricks. How does this army change up the rules for army construction? Do three very disparate army sections work together as a greater whole? And is there a reason to ever be anything other than the Kabal of the Black Heart? We look at this as and more we dig through the monsters that are the Aeldari of Commorragh. Also, your listener mail, including 3 army list reviews and a couple of requests for your take on some Unpopular Opinions! It’s nearly 4 hours of 40K talk!

Link: Midwest Conquest 2018
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