Episode 170: The Greater Good

After a flurry of Imperium and Chaos codexes, it’s time to focus on the eastern fringes of the galaxy as we look at the new T’au Empire codex. Everyone’s favorite technologically-advanced blue aliens return with updated rules; so, what’s changed for them since the end of the Damocles campaign? Are Riptides worth taking again? Will the new Sept tenets change how armies play? Are there any killer stratagems? Is a holographic Aun’va as good as the real thing? And what really did happen with the Fourth Sphere Expansion? We look at all this and more in our look at the new T’au book. Also, we talk with Brian “Bam Bam” Hunter of the Flying Monkey Con and podcast about what’s coming up with their event this summer. All this, news and new release discussion, and your listener mail!

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