Episode 168: Talking About Soft Scores

We focus a lot on generalship and winning games, but what about the other aspects of the game, such as painting and sportsmanship? With the happenings at LVO – both with the Friendly and in the Championships – fresh in our minds, we decided it was time to have a talk about these “softer” elements of the tournament scene. From scoring sportsmanship to penalizing unfinished games to chess clocks to having more friendly events, we talk about some of the issues and solutions for dealing with these aspects of the game, and what they mean not just for the large events, but also the local RTTs. Also, news and new releases (Dennis can stop asking for Squats!), hobby progress (Rob reviews an awesome paint remover), and your listener mail (including two list reviews!).

Link: Midwest Conquest 2018
Link: UnderCon 2018
Link: Warzone Painting
Link: Invasive Wargaming
Link: War Corgi
Link: VMS Clean Slate paint remover
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