Episode 159: The Great Iron Halo GT Group Gathering

Dennis and Rob just finished the 2017 Iron Halo GT, and it’s time for our normal post-tournament discussion, but this time we have a treat! It’s a joint effort between 4 different 40K groups. We’re joined by Bam-Bam and Duncalicious from the Flying Monkeys Wargaming podcast, PeteyPab from Frontline Gaming and the Chapter Tactics podcast, and our perennial guest and official Fifth Chair, David Arimond of the Renegade Open. We talk about the venue, the tournament environment, our games, and why we go to tournaments and do what we do. Also, we officially announce our Patreon on the air! There’s something for everyone in this one.

Oh, and pardon the sound quality – we’re recording in a pizza restaurant with 4 mics for 6 people. 🙂

Link: The Iron Halo GT
Link: On The Rock Ministries
Link: Flying Monkeys Wargaming Podcast
Link: Chapter Tactics Podcast
Link: The Renegade Open
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